BD Strategies, LLC is a consortium of experienced consultants. Our assets include business development specialists, managers, subject matter experts, researchers, evaluators, analysts, planners, trainers, facilitators and technical personnel.

With BD Strategies, LLC as your strategic partner, we create customized teams based on your vision, mission, goals, budget, and desired outcomes.

With our solutions, your firm will be able to respond to multiple opportunities concurrently and avoid overburdening your staff. We increase capacity by augmenting and integrating into current teams.

BD Strategies, LLC can provide a critical role in responding to solicitations, fulfilling deliverables and creating new initiatives and opportunities.

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Our Areas of Expertise

"We Offer Affordable Pricing for Professional Proposal Development"

  • Business Intelligence (BI)

  • Capture Management

  • Proposal and Grant Development

  • Bid Pricing

  • Branding and Marketing

  • Research and Evaluation

  • Professional Development

  • Training and Technical Assistance

  • Strategic Alliance Planning

  • Team Building

  • Profit Maximization

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